Meat packs melbourne

With over years combined of experience in the meat industry servicing the South East of Melbourne, we are the number one choice in top quality and value for money. With a large range of fresh and frozen products we are sure to have what you need.

Our beef Is sourced from farmers directly, across the Gippsland area to ensure top quality grass fed and hormone free beef. Our door lambs are sourced all over the western districts of Victoria from Ballarat to Mt Gambier, these lambs are world renowned for there flavor and breeding. Then there is grass fed lean beef, succulent lamb, juicy pork and tender chicken you could desire, along with marinated roasts and steaks accompanied by a large range of Game meats and small goods.

Along with all our paddock to plate meats, we also process our very own award winning state champion sausages, with many flavors to choose from. Our hams are also lovingly made with a redgum smoke and come in many sizes either on the bone or boneless. Join our mailing list for exclusive offers. First Name:. Add to Cart.Delivery days are currently; Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

meat packs melbourne

Register your postcode to check we can deliver to your suburb. If we don't currently we will let you know when we can. We believe there is much more to Free Range Farming than just whether or not the animals live outdoors!

Picked and packed fresh daily with the majority of the produce coming straight from our supplying partners farms! We believe that getting your food to you in the best shape possible and in the shortest amount of time is best! Saying that I am running out of it and looking forward to a top up in Christmas in July. Gobble gobble! The taste was amazing and the meat was so moist. It was one of the best birds we have eaten in years.

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We ordered the turkey last Christmas. It was certainly the nicest turkey I have ever tasted. It was very tender and moist. It was absolutely the Best I have ever tasted and already looking forward to buying another next Christmas. The turkey was the best turkey I ever had. It was easy to cook, and tasted delicious.

A few days ago I used the stock I had frozen to make mushroom risotto, and it worked a treat. I tasted that turkey all over again. It may not have even been the stock, I think it was just the pan juices, but there was a lot of it.

This chicken really tasted of chicken. You can tell the difference. Thank you Murray. You have a winner with the chicken, I still have the peri peri chicken breast to cook, the prep work is done, but the Dijon chicken breast with your mushrooms and my tarragon was wonderful, especially served with your spinach, butternut pumpkin, mashed potatoes, etc. We ate the whole chicken last night.

meat packs melbourne

The meat was tender and juicy, and when carved had a beautiful sweet smell, unlike the usual chicken. We would not go back to shopping for flavourless and potentially toxic fruit, vegetables and meats from the Supermarkets! I eat organics because to feel your best, look your best and be your best you need to stop putting a toxic load on your body through your diet, skin and environment as much as possible. I agree with all the vitamins, minerals and freshness comments, I do eat Organic for those reasons and would like to add that for me a major reason was talking with my feet ….

I want farmers to be paid properly for their work, to keep the dairy men in business etc. Since partaking of your delicious organic vegetables, eggs, milk, meat etc I do seem to have more energy, all of my health checkups turn out just fine, and best of all my meat eating friends are all begging me for my vegetable recipes, the downside of this is we are eating less of your wonderful meat.

I buy organic veggies because they actually taste as they should — I want my children growing up tasting food as it should be, not eating the tasteless veggies found in supermarkets. Thanks for offering the organic veggies which go so nicely with all the meat I buy from you!

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Best lamb cutlets we have ever had! And twice the size of supermarket ones. All the lamb has been tender and tasty. Just put in my second order, and will no doubt be returning for more. The leg of lamb was delicious, we did it using the Jamie Oliver recipie. Our dinner guest said it was the best leg of lamb he had ever had.Your Farmer runs an ecologically managed, family farm tucked away in a secluded valley of the beautiful Southern Highlands.

Our beef is naturally soft, succulent and full of flavour! Because we take the time. Our cows have a good life, they are not force-fed or unnaturally fattened. Our biodynamic grass-fed beef takes months longer to mature than grain-fed beef and contains less fat than chicken.

We then dry-age our beef using age-old methods. You get the purest, tastiest and healthiest beef on the market. There are no intermediaries.

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Our produce comes directly from the farm to you at the lowest possible price. In Melissa and David began a journey. Having farmed cattle for many years we came to feel the way beef was produced seemed set up only for the supermarkets and butchers, not your family. Breeds which were strong in flavour and good for you were shunned in favour of those which grow fast in feedlots. Giving poor quality produce full of fat.

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Not to mention what they put in the sausages!!! We began selling direct to families, so we could know the people who ate our food.

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Having this close connection with our customers enabled us to start a selective breeding program. Carefully selecting for traits that produced a low fat, high flavour meat which was both good for you and tastes great. We have then slowly dry aged the beef in our dedicated coolrooms to enhance the flavour, and then cryovaced using specialised machinery so your produce remains as fresh as the day we packed it.

We call this Artisan Beef — please enjoy the fruits of three years work, we loved growing it for you. There are a number of nutritional benefits of grass-fed animals. Meat from grass-fed cattle is lower in total fat. It can have up to one-third less fat than from a grain-fed animal. In fact, grass-fed beef can have the same amount of fat as skinless chicken breast [1].

Our beef is richer in antioxidants; including vitamins E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. It does not contain traces of added hormones, antibiotics or other drugs. Skip to content Do you know where your meat comes from?

Know your farmer, know your food In Melissa and David began a journey. Sign up for our harvest! We work little differently to the other ways you might buy food.Visit SunshineStateEggfest.

Wassi's Meat Market is a family owned and operated, upscale meat market in southeast Florida. We are proud to offer a selection of some of our finest cuts and gourmet products that we produce here in our retail market. Always prepared with care. What ever kind of grill that you are looking for, we have it. We sell all five sizes soon to be seven and we have the very best prices on the Big Green Egg in the south.

The Large Big Green Egg is by far the most popular size that we sell, but if you are single or a couple, the the Medium Big Green Egg might be a better fit. If you are big into smoking or have a large family, then the Exlarge Big Green Egg would be the one for you. We also carry the Smokin Tex Electric Smoker. The Smokin Tex is a wonderful set it and forget it smoker. A no-brainer if you are just getting into smoking.

We also have several gas grills, if that is your preference. We carry the Saber Grill with it's infra red technology. Upper end gas grills that we offer are the Delta Heat and Twin Eagle. Delta Heat products are engineered, designed and manufactured by the industry leading premium grill and outdoor kitchen equipment experts - Twin Eagles, Inc. We also cater to the home sausagemaker and home butchers.

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What ever you might need to make quality sausage at home, we have it. Casings, Grinders, Stuffers and all the sausage seasonings that you might need. Our seasonings are all homemade and contain no perservatives. We can produce most any kind of sausage seasoning that you might want. We are the only producers of totally salt-free sausage seasonings on the internet. Check out our salt-free seasonings if you are on a low salt or salt free diet. Not sure what you are doing?

Just starting out making sausage? Feel free to email us as often as you would like to pick our brains about sausage making, or even general questions regarding poultry,beef,pork or seafood. Florida's Big Green Egg Leader! Sunshine State Eggfest. Must Have Products. Latest Products. Cooking Class - Raising the Steaks!

Sheep Casings. T-Shirt - Ribeye till I Die. Hakuna Picanha Shirt. Share On:. Follow Us:. Cooking Classes. Store Hours. Featured Products. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List.Contact us to find out how you can order some of the best tasting, grass fed beef around We sell all our meat in bulk.

This way we can keep the price down for you, the customer. Visit our Order Page to find out more. Pick up is available from Nar Nar Goon. Delivery can be organised to South East Melbourne areas. Contact us for more information. I am Ellie Mitterer and this website is your window to my farm. I hope you enjoy the information presented.

My aim is to breed and raise, top notch, slow grown Wagyu x cattle in a humane and ethical manner. I believe my system is better for the cattle, for the environment and mostly for you the consumer. I do not push for marbling, just the natural flavour and tenderness the Wagyu breed naturally has.

I am not an organic farmer, but through my learning have a great appreciation of the foundation concepts of the organic system and endeavour to incorporate them where possible.

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I strongly believe we are what we eat, eats. With Gippsland being some of the most fertile soil in the southern hemisphere, are we then not raising some of the most nutritionally rich beef? Is this not what future generations should consume, for future health?

Not to mention my farm is only around 75km from Melbourne CBD, think of the reduced carbon foot print of your meal?

Much fewer food miles in your meal, when compared to traditional purchase methods, that include feed lotting. Furthermore, My cattle are raised on grass or grass hay, and finished on the same, not grain, less food miles again on grain haulage, along with the health benefits of grass finished. Think about it, as humans omnivore we eat meat beef because they are ruminants 4 stomachs and they therefore can break down cellulose and absorb vitamins we as humans cannot.

How is feeding grain of benefit to our health? While I am discussing my farming beliefs, may I cover minerals? If minerals are not available or in balance with in a body, vitamins may not be readily absorbed. For example the relationship between Vitamin D and the mineral Calcium. While my farm is still in its infancy, I offer a mineral supplement, which I can adjust according to what the cattle tell me they require. In the long term, I propose to rectify my pasture soil with organic matter to stabilise the pH levels and free up naturally available nutrient.

For quality clean eating, fresh, healthy and humane as possible.Mon - Fri am - pm.

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PJ Meats Pty Ltd was established in and is a reputable wholesaler of pre-packed and vacuum packed beef, lamb and veal. We service four distinct market sectors and are able to fully meet the needs of each sector based on years of industry experience and the strong relationships we have built with our clients. We maintain a high standard of quality control to ensure our clients always receive a premium product.

meat packs melbourne

PJ Meats wholesale clients are predominantly retail butcher shops and a select few wholesalers in Vi. Valued Customers, P. Meats Retails shop is happy to offer specials on the following items valid. If you wish to apply to become a PJ Meats wholesale customer, download our application form here.

Order Online. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Mon - Fri am - pm Sat - Sun Closed.

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About us Export Specials Contact Us. Lamb PJ Meats is a reputable wholesaler of pre-packed and vacuum packed beef, lamb and veal. Beef PJ Meats is a reputable wholesaler of pre-packed and vacuum packed beef, lamb and veal.

Direct To Public. Product Range. Lamb Primals and Trim If you wish to apply to become a PJ Meats wholesale customer, download our application form here.Log in. The Meat Man is a top-quality provider of premium wholesale meats to both caterers and the public for over 20 years.

The merging of two companies into one happy union has also ensured an excellent range of the best quality small goods for the table. Our superb quality meats have been gracing restaurant tables in the Sydney area since our inception. We pride ourselves on providing caterers with the highest quality meats at reasonable prices.

We offer incredible prices retail and it can be delivered to your door. We are proud to have top-quality Australian producers of premium beef.

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Our beef comes from healthy, grass-fed animals that meet strict quality control procedures. We support Aussie Farmers by using only Australian Pork, for all your top-quality pork products.

Our Producers of high-quality Australian Lamb ensure excellent lamb products with every purchase. You will be impressed with our Meat Boxes. A ready selection of meat cuts that can be purchased with just one click. Convenient and quick to order. Delivery to your door in refrigerated trucks. Fresh, quality meats every time. Selecting individual cuts is so easy with our online store. Choose your meat cuts, add them to the cart and they will be promptly delivered or you can pick up at the store.

Looking to store away, cater a party or feed an army The Meat Man can help. Cost-effective superb quality Australian products every time. Sign in close. Remember me. No account yet? Create an Account. Search for: Search. About Us Delivery Contact. Shopping cart close. Online ordering and prompt delivery Wholesale direct to the public. Online Butcher Sydney. Wholesale to the public Superior quality Australian meats.

Premium Quality Meats. You will be impressed with The Meat Man prices. We have no middle man to raise prices. We can supply your business or home with affordable, premium quality meats. We care for the Australian farmer and we care for you.

We are dedicated to guaranteeing a fair price for the farmer and a fair price for our customers. Quick View. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies.