Is it bad to drink expired protein shake

The most common consumers are bodybuilders or athletes wishing to increase their muscle size or lose weight. While protein powders certainly have many benefits, sometimes they can get left on the shelf for long periods of time — leaving some to wonder if and when the powder begins to go bad.

Besides their expiration date, what is the best way to store the powder? Lastly, can out of date protein powder still be used? When protein powder does expire, it is sometimes difficult to tell. The following are a few methods to determine whether or not your out of date protein powder has indeed gone bad or is still safe to consume:.

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If there are any visible and slightly wet clumps in the powder, it will need to be tossed as the clumps may begin to grow mildew and make the powder inedible. Should the powder smell differently than is normal, or simply have that rancid smell, it needs to be tossed. This small amount of powder will most likely do not make you sick, but should help you determine if the taste is "off" or not — if it is "off", then it is time to toss the powder. Given that the powder has been properly stored in a cool and dry environment, it is actually safe to continue consuming the powder long past its expiration date.

For approximately 6 to 18 months after its expiration, the powder will still be edible provided the proper environment has been maintained, and it may not spoil for over a year past the expiration date. While out of date protein may still be safe, the powder first packaged is much different than the powder consumed several months after the use-by date.

This is because the nutrients in the fresh powder will begin to break down and lose their original potency — meaning it will not provide the same level of nutrients that are listed on the packaging.

is it bad to drink expired protein shake

Thus, while the powder may be good for nearly 2 years after its purchase, it is up to you whether or not you wish to consume it.

Once a package has been opened, it is much more likely for moisture or bacteria to get inside. Depending on its storage, this may mean that the product can expire either on or near its use-by date. Lastly, if the protein powder contains any additional product, such as a fat, you will need to be more cautious that the fat can go bad and contaminate the powder.

Proper storage of protein powder is vital to its shelf life, and actually quite simple to maintain. Once you have purchased the powder, you will want to keep in a tightly sealed container.

A tightly sealed container will prevent any moisture from gathering inside the powder and creating potentially moldy clumps. Furthermore, you will want to keep the powders container away from any heat sources, such as in the pantry.

is it bad to drink expired protein shake

On top of the fridge is not ideal because of the amount of heat and moisture collected there. Typically, protein powder is given an expiration date that is a year after its manufactured date. When shopping, you will want to check both the manufacturer and expiration date to make sure you are purchasing a fresh batch. As previously stated, when stored properly the protein powder can remain potent and viable anywhere from 6 months to a year after its expiration date.

If you have expired protein powder, use a small taste test to be sure before throwing it away, so you are not also throwing away your hard-earned money.

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Is it fine to still use an expired Protein drink?

Point 1. The following are a few methods to determine whether or not your out of date protein powder has indeed gone bad or is still safe to consume: If there are any visible and slightly wet clumps in the powder, it will need to be tossed as the clumps may begin to grow mildew and make the powder inedible. How to Store Protein Powder Proper storage of protein powder is vital to its shelf life, and actually quite simple to maintain. Start Your Writing Now!My protein shake mix, the brand is pro Complex, expired in 06 actually.

I just recently got into weight lifting and cardio. Just to let you guys know I'm in throw up mode now Expiration dates are guesstimates: the company picks a date that they believe is within the safe period to use something.

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You don't say if it was late in '06 or at the beginning of If it was late in '06 that' only about a year overdue. The companies have to tell you as soon as the expiration date comes around you should pitch it.


When it comes to drugs, I'll stick by the expiration date-at least within a few months. But, when it comes to food it's a different story. If it's been opened, then the protein has probably started to break down. It may not smell or taste funny, but you probably won't get the benefits.

I guess it's really up to you. If you have a dog, you can give it a few teaspoons of the powder. As long as the product doesn't contain huge amounts of cocoa powder it's ok to try on a dog. Chocolate is one of the few things that will kill a dog over time The biggest danger of expired food is that it may have gone "bad. But the commonest effect of food that has gone past it's expiration date is that the nutrition is lost, or very compromised.

Some nutrients are more quickly lost than others, so you really don't know what's gone, and what's still there. Judging what supplements you need to add to your diet to make up for that is nearly impossible.

is it bad to drink expired protein shake

It loses some flavor, too, but that's not what's important. I toss anything that's over it's date, then plan ahead so I don't lose anything else. Unless the food is fresh and unprocessed the expiry date doesn't really matter providing the contents were stored properly and in the right conditions. What is likely to happen is that any active ingredients might become weakened or ineffective if it is past the UBD.

4 Beverages You Should Never Drink Past the Expiration Date

As to being dangerous it is unlikely but you are unlikely to get the full benefit the product describes. I know a personal trainer who went to big lots and bought like five or six cases of protein that expired two days after he bought it. So it should still be good for a long time. Update: Just to let you guys know I'm in throw up mode nowIs it?

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Yea, there is a reason USDA puts exp. It seems to be fine, but then again - ya never know. It's better to be safe than to take chances. You don't say whether this is a powder or prepared and canned or bottled. That will make a difference, too. In some cases, the flavor will change and nutritional value will diminish. If it tastes rancid, toss it. Considering that it is a substance that you ingest and could cause serious health consequences, I would not drink it!

Some products are okay to use a few months after the expiration date, but you have to be careful with food. It's just a protein shake Why not just buy more? Squeeze your thumb and hands mutually and carry. For suitable outcomes loosen up your physique first by utilising taking a deep breath and exhaling then proceed to be this rigidity-loose. Please don't drink or eat expired products.

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Not only because it can make you sick but also because the ingredients may become ineffective past the expiration date. The only thing that's safe to eat after years and years are twinkies Update: Thanks for the input! I tossed it. Answer Save. Stick to this for all foods - If in doubt, throw it out.

Ellie Lv 5. GentlePru 4 months ago Report. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Protein Shake Expiration Date. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Yes, out of date protein powder is safe to use. Since protein powder is such a dry substance there is very little risk of bacterial growth.

This is applicable to both whey protein and casein protein. Protein powder comes with a best before date rather than a use by date. This means it has been certified as safe to eat past the specified date. Learn more about the differences between best before and use by here. If the protein has been opened its recommended you consume it six to eight months after the expiry date. Unopened protein powder can last for years after the best before date.

The taste is unlikely to be compromised between six and 18 months after the expiration date; however, it may start to deteriorate after this timeframe. Where you notice changes in flavour, you can incorporate the powder into the food rather than consuming it as a standalone shake. In terms of safety, if the powder is stored in a cool dry place it can last for two years, sometimes longer.

As explained above, the best way to assess your protein is to do a smell and taste test. Though expired protein is safe to consume, an important amino acid in the protein can start to break down over time, making it less effective. Lysine is the amino acid found in protein powders that aids muscle building. Over time, lysine can begin to break down via a process known as the Maillard reaction.

When this happens the protein may be less effective at aiding muscle building. Deterioration in taste indicates that the Maillard reaction has taken place. There are signs that indicate moisture may have got into the product, which increases the risk of bacterial growth. If you notice lots of clumps in the powder this may be the case.

Other signs that you may not want to consume your powder include a change in colour and an unpleasant smell or taste. Since the product will still have a very low risk of causing you harm, the best way to assess your powder is to look at, smell and taste it.

is it bad to drink expired protein shake

Use your common sense — if it the colour has changed a lot, and if it smells and tastes funny then it might be best to leave it.Are the expiration dates on protein powders set in stone, or is it still okay to consume the product even after the date listed on the tub has passed? If the protein powder is still sealed and has been stored in a cool, dry environment, then it should be perfectly fine to consume for quite a long period of time past the expiration date that is listed.

However, there are no guarantees here, and whether or not you want to consume a protein powder that is 2 years or more past its listed expiration date or just purchase a new tub is up to you. If you found this article helpful, make sure to take my physique quiz below to discover the very best training and nutrition program for your specific body type, goals and experience level Thanks for checking out my article!

I hope you found the information useful. S muscle building and fat loss tips, macro-friendly recipes, motivational strategies and more straight to your inbox every week:. Sean Nalewanyj. Just type and press 'enter'. October 6, Sean Nalewanyj. Protein SupplementsSupplementation. Suggested Articles. Featured Comment. Sean Nalewanyj is a best-selling fitness author, natural bodybuilder and success coach who has been publishing science-based, no B. S muscle building and fat loss information online since Through the comprehensive free content found in his ArticlesYouTube ChannelFacebook Page and online newsletters, Sean has helped hundreds of thousands of average, everyday people from all over the world build muscle, lose fat and completely transform their bodies and lives.

Read More Looking For Something Specific?So, how long does protein powder last once opened? Does it go off? Does it go bad in heat? How can you tell? Sadly, protein powder can go bad on you eventually.

Keeping it too long after the recommended expiration date means the powder loses its efficiency. Most protein powders last for around two years in total. This is mainly because the muscle-building mojo diminishes after the use-by date.

Via a chemical reaction called Maillard browning. Basically, this is when protein reacts with sugar left over from when the whey was removed from milk. This results in a steady breakdown of the amino acid lysine. That said, because protein powders are dry, it makes it virtually impossible for microbes to grow.

Is It Safe to Use Expired Protein Powder?

Put a small amount of powder on your tongue. If it tastes like cardboard, bin it. In which case, throw it away. Protein shakes and powders are incredibly sensitive to water and will go off fast when they come in contact with it. So, how long are protein shakes drinkable after mixing? For how long can you store yours in water? Want to keep your powder fresh for as long as possible?

Check out our guide below. The last thing you want is your powder being exposed to outside elements for a lengthy period of time unnecessarily. Since protein powder absorbs both water and heat, ensure you keep your product away from these. Store your powder in a dark, dry, cool area such as a kitchen cupboard, desk drawer or even a bedroom wardrobe. All of these places are dry, cool and dark and will stop your powder from coming in contact with water, heat or sunlight.

Toggle navigation. Login 0.Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Drinking Expired Protein Shakes Drinking Expired Protein Shakes So last year I bought a many many cases of muscle mile RTD's.

Left most of them in the garage. I was cleaning my garage today and found out I have about 50 RTD's left that were expired in septermber of Do you guys think its still ok to drink them???

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I opened one up and the taste is still absolutely delicious. Im just wondering if the protein is denatured or something They should be fine, just drink them relatively quickly. Originally Posted by mrk I heard they are less effective the longer they go. Ive done it b4 with results. I contemplate, believing in karma Those on top could just break and wont be eating tomorrow I know some b!

For me expired protien is something I wouldn't mess with. Currently: Attending BB.

Is EXPIRED Protein Powder Still Safe To Take?

Retired From BB. There's a local supplement shop that always sell short dated or out of date protein for dirt cheap and I never had a problem. Honestly, I've been doing it for years and never got sick.

You should be fine.